Facebook Verification Service


Facebook verification has come to the forefront of conversation in the social media world in light of recent changes Facebook made to its branded content rules. Being able to take advantage of all the new features is definitely one good reason to verify your Facebook page.

Here are a few more:

  • Build trust with your audience. Having that check mark symbol gives your fans confidence that you are a legitimate brand that they can have confidence in.
  • Get back your views. If you are famous or successful enough, you are bound to have copy cats. Sometimes these can be fans who simply want to show their love. Other times it can be more malicious, with someone stealing your content and scamming people in the process. By having your page verified, it helps your following to find the real you and be able to ignore the fakers.
  • Show up higher in search. Because Facebook has already reviewed your page it is more likely to show up in searches on Facebook, meaning that new people are more likely to find your page.
  • Possibility of increased engagement. Even though there are no conclusive studies of this, the cumulative effect of the above benefits may also lead to more reach and engagement with your brand.

With this service, we will get your Facebook page certified by Facebook.



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